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New products released, SOMNOPRO introduces functional home culture to the new middle class families

Today, the "new middle class" has become a majority of China's consumer economy. New middle-class people have their own ideas while shopping, as they care more about comfort and environmental friendliness in addition to brands and cognition of the products. As these people are more willing to accept new things, consumer demand more diversified now.
  • Casting Extraordinary, 2017 SOMNOPRO Group Autumn New Products Launching Conference started

    On August 8, the “Casting Extraordinary, 2017 SOMNOPRO Group Autumn New Products Launching Conference” was grandly initiated at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel in Guangzhou.
  • Buy a Mattress, and SOMNOPRO will donate to disabled or students in poverty

    Hug Festival is not only an ordinary profit sharing activity, but also an action to spread the warmth and love to every corner of society. Through this activity, shuike.com.cn cooperates with Foundation for Disabled Persons, Lions Clubs Aid Committee for Disabled Persons, Lions Clubs Aid Committee for Students and other agencies to send caring warmth to those who need help.
  • Sleep can also be customized, let us take care of your sleep

    From March 18 to March 20, the 37th China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair will be held in Guangzhou. As a leading enterprise in the furniture industry, SOMNOPRO Group will, taking the theme of "ALL to ALL", collaborate with major brands and global strategic partners to discuss on the issue of quality deep sleep.“一站式”体验展厅
  • SOMNOPRO+ are linked with you at any time

    As a model for innovation in the mattress industry, in November 2015, SOMNOPRO Group adopted a brand new "Internet +" mode to deeply integrate the Internet industry and the traditional mattress industry. Moreover, with the introduction of the SOMNOPRO+ Strategy, the expansion and innovation of channels, the research and development of intelligent products, and the release of seven major Internet innovation projects, the Group has created a new chapter of smart home.
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