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Buy a Mattress, and SOMNOPRO will donate to disabled or students in poverty
PubDate:2016-08-08 author:
Public welfare events We are together This summer  Striking benefits are comingHug Festival is not only an ordinary profit sharing activity, but also an action to spread the warmth and love to every corner of society. Through this activity, shuike.com.cn cooperates with Foundation for Disabled Persons, Lions Clubs Aid Committee for Disabled Persons, Lions Clubs Aid Committee for Students and other agencies to send caring warmth to those who need help.We are actively committed to charity and public welfare activities, and invite you to join this love journey together. Your purchase of deep sleep can also help bring a sense of love  During the August 8 Hug Festiva, upon every successful transaction at our website (transaction value ≥ 1000 yuan), we will donate 10 yuan to the above charity organization on your behalf. Let’s help the disabled and students in need together, we are looking forward to your participation.
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