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Logisti System

Logistics system Establish modern warehousing and logistic mode with scientific management and instant feedback. 

Four major warehousing centers of the group locate in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin and Hebei, all of which are certified by ISO9001: 2000 Quality System. With overall area of 30k square meters, they are used for nationwide logistics storage and distribution, taking the lead in China in supporting effective manufacture and distribution; meanwhile, the large-scale and high speed of the circulation effectively cut the costs. 

Specilized logistics distribution Provide service throughout the country

The group integrates existing logistic resources to optimize order information flow, and to set up all-in-one service capacity including both storage and delivery. while long-distance transport and home delivery service will be jointly completed by the group's fleet and third-party logistics companies; Four digital storage & delivery centers provide efficient and convenient service for domestic users, while furthermore we proactively speeding their transforming to social logistics from internal logistics. 
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