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Leading advance technology and making deep sleep are not only the idea, but also the principle of Somnopro Group. In order to improve our service and the customer satisfaction, we launch a new project – Satisfactory Sleep service system. We hope to build it to be a well-service, quick-response, warm-care service system to bring a brand-new sleeping experience to our customers.
Upgraded form the old service model, we will combine sales, service, storage and logistics in our Satisfactory Sleep service system, which is aiming at all-round, customized services. Applied with internet technology, warm service system will provided standardized orders, normalized logistics, rigorous quality, and professionalized after-sales-service in the outlet. Our customers can get timely integrated information from the system.
Build up multi-flexible and stable information service platforms to establish an expeditious responding mechanism, which significantly improve the operational efficiency compared with traditional customer service, strengthen the interaction and shorten the distance between customers and us. Moreover, we will take advantage of the powerful back-end management system by using PC terminal, mobile terminal as well as 400 hotline. The 400 hotline is our connection with customers to enhance the communication by handling consultancies, service requests, follow-up actions and complaints from customers uniformly. It can efficiently link up different brands within the group, investigate the needs and handling the requests from customers and consumers. Meanwhile, the utilization of big data will provide us the initiative to fully understand the needs for building a high-quality brand. In this way, our customers can enjoy best service and experience at anytime, anywhere.
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